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or third base. >>> still ahead, first lady michelle obama reveals something the president has not done. >>> also, the breakdown on bullying. details of a new study which questions what students are likely to pick on their peers. >>> junk food. now researchers say it could seriously affect a child's mind. >>> and the common procedure that some women may not need to have. >>> and plenty of sunshine and temperatures cooling about 20 to 30 degree frs ts e s those record highs right now, 61 in san jose, 60 in san mateo and 60 in san francisco. it's going to be cold tonight in the south and also the east bay. temperatures in the 30s. we'll also be talking about rain. that's in minutes. >>> the study finds that many women with early stage breast cancer do not have to undergo a painful procedure. surgeons have removed limpb nodes from patients to keep the cancer from spreading, but research finds this holds no advantage at all. the study claims that chemotherapy and radiation would wipe it out. >>> a new study finds that young kids who eat fatty foods appear to have lower iqs later in life. k
against libya. this, while president obama for the first time called for moammar gadhafi to step down. here in the bay area demonstrators gathered at the u.n. plaza in san francisco. we'll have the latest. >>> the close call a pilot had today after his plane crashed just after taking off from the palo alto airport. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. snow fell in parts of the bay area today, but nothing like the forecast called for. well, now the temperatures are headed down again. we have team coverage on this cold snap. kimberly terry tells us house nurseries are preparing for all this. but we check in first with rob mayeda. >> record-breaking temperatures early this morning. 20s out in san rafael, 28 degrees, napa 27, 34 in oakland and 35 at sfo airport. it was around twin peaks in san francisco we had the dusting of snow overnight. even around san jose, early in the morning, but mainly just some rain. but notice what happened during the day today. we had pretty intense showers rolling through. morgan hill and san martin. brent canon reporting show
of the biggest names in the tech industry will soon be meeting with the president. president obama will be having dinner in the bay area tonight. and on the guest list are the likes of steve jobs and mark zuckerberg. traci grant is at san francisco international where air force one is scheduled to touchdown within the hour, and that's one plan that likely won't be affected by weather delays at the airport. one never knows, though, tracy? >> it's true, you never know. a lot of the flights have been delayed today. but i can probably wager that when air force one touches down at 5:45. it will take top priority on the tarmac. these are the marines, and they are waiting to welcome air force one when it comes in in just a short time. president obama is here to break bread tonight in the silicon valley with technology's top tier of business leaders to discuss how to promote american innovation and get people back to work. imagine being in a room with the top technology executives, steve jobs, chairman and ceo of apple. larry ellison, co-founder of oracle and mark zuckerberg, president and ceo of faceboo
should prevail, the obama administration should move cautiously in embracing a change of power there. he was quick to defend president hosni mubarak. >> he's been a good man, he's been a good friend and ally to the united states. we need to remember that. >> cheney talked about how helpful mubarak was in the 1991 gulf war, committing troops to fight alongside u.s. forces. >>> the family of perhaps the most well-known hmong lead history died last month is speaking out against the obama administration tonight. today is the third day of the six-day funeral in fresno. yesterday members of his family said it was disgraceful the u.s. army denied their request for vang to be buried at arlington national cemetery. when many hmong people sought asylum in the united states, he became a cultural leader here as well. his arlington burial request was denied after unanimous recommendation of a board made up of civilian and military leaders. >>> coming up next, meditation is making inroads among the inmate population. how california prisoners could benefit from a closer relationship with buddha. >>> so
heavyweights who reached out to conservatives at this influential gathering. >> this is the obama misery index, and it is at a record high. >> reporter: and they also heard from the underdogs, who may or may not step into the ring. >> our agenda is america's agenda. >> reporter: while donald trump was there, sarah palin wasn't. fellow republicans threw a few punches anyway. >> i've never had a book signing. >> reporter: the hardest shots were reserved for president obama. >> i'm worried not only do we face a crisis today, we do not have a leadership in the white house that can deal with it. >> reporter: this year the tea party is demanding to be heard. >> if we republicans go a little timid, if we don't do what we were sent here to do, this movement, this revolution is going to overrun us. >> reporter: these conservatives share a common goal. >> and, oh, yeah, baby, winning the white house in 2012. >> reporter: but there's no clear road map. >> what i haven't heard yet is our plan. >> reporter: for conservatives and those who want to lead them, a preview of 2012. brian moore, nbc news, washing
will be with prop 8, but mike huckabee says that president obama is out of touch with what the public wants and says that this refusal would be his undoing though clearly, if people support gay marriage rights are celebrating. >> thank you and today's announcement certainly does bring the spotlight back to the couples who sued to overturn prop 8. that's a lesbian couple from berkeley and gay couple from pasadena. pete williams believes their attorneys were tipped off to today's announcement that caught many gay right's groups off guard. >> it looks like the lawyers for the two couples new it was coming because within an hour of the justice department's announcement about this, the lawyers for the two gay couples had already filed a request with the ninth circuit court of appeals saying you ought to lift the stay that prevents same sex couples from getting married. it sure seems like they knew this was going to happen. >> while the president's position does not impact it directly, they say today's announcement could influence what they decide to do. >>> brace yourselves for cold weather and flaky as
scheduled to meet with president obama tomorrow evening in san francisco. the white house says it will release the full list of bay area ceos meeting with the president tomorrow. mr. obama is scheduled to land at sfo around 6:00 tomorrow then take off by 9:00 a.m. friday morning. >>> oakland schools are bracing for hundreds of layoffs affecting teachers, principals and staff. an open letter was posted on the district's website warning of disrupted days ahead. he cites uncertain funding levels next year, which will be more in question. under state law, school districts must warn teachers and staff by march 15th if there is a possibility they may not have a job in the fall. ordinarily, not everyone who receives a notice actually losing his or her position. >>> a former airline employee who worked at san jose international airport is accused of using customer's credit card numbers to steal nearly half a million dollars. the 49-year-old faces 66 counts including felony grand theft, possession of stolen property and identity theft. prosecutors allege that while she worked as an agen
. >>> michelle obama hit the road today to mark the first anniversary of her let's move campaign to reduce childhood obesity. >> but not before making intriguing comments about her husband's gray hair and smoking habits. >> reporter: to celebrate the first anniversary of her let's move campaign, first lady michelle obama served up blueberries to some second graders in atlanta. >> when you eat the right kind of fruits and vegetables every day, it helps you pay attention in class. it helps you think better. >> reporter: then toured their vegetable garden out back. on the "today" show, she talked about reducing childhood obesity by changing things like school menus. >> you'll see the quality improved. it was her comment still on personal life at the white house that grabbed headlines like her husband's smoking habit, which she says he kicked a year ago. >> once he made the commitment to quit, i left him alone. >> reporter: she denied the president has turned to dye to hide gray hair. >> i think if he would have known he would be president, he would have started dyeing his hair ten years ago.
flipping across the map. president obama arriving with some winter weather here, he's getting spring weather at home. current temperatures in the low to mid-40s. very rare this time of year. everyone in the 40s currently. that rainfall from our four days of rain, adding up the most with santa rosa with over four jose getting close to an inch and a half. we saw rain, snow, hail and wind and the system is still pusng pup plenty of rainfall here across the bay area. some of the heaviest rainfall in the bay, including mountain view. moving into the east bay as well. we're tracking more moderate to heavy rainfall and in the north bay, it's more of a light to moderate rainfall. we're also trackg that heavy snow up in the sierra.ra we are looking at upwards of six feet of snow. i'll have more details on what you're weekend entails coming up. >>> it's that heavy dump of snow that has skiers scrambling to shop for new gear. mary ann has more on how the weather is stimulating the local economy for us. >> reporter: it certainly is, jessica. i'm at the any mountain store in sara
struck down prop 8, california's gay marriage ban. >>> new tonight at 5:00, president obama will be visiting the bay area again on thursday. he'll be meeting with high-tech leaders to talk about jobs, innovation, green tech, education. there are few details other than that. recently, the president has been stressing the need for government to support business so that more jobs will be created. his budget proposal includes major investments in green tech. the president was last here in october to support democrats in the november election. >>> now to the middle east. with egypt's revolution led to protests in the street of at least three other countries today. tens of thousands of protesters clashed with police in iran's capital today. there are reports police used tear gas, while protesters set garbage cans on fire there. at least one person was shot and killed. the protests are considered to be the largest in iran since the violent riots against iran's disputed election back in 2009. there were also protests in syria and bahrain today. the developments in the middle east ar
will not run for office in september. president obama reportedly called for him not to seek re-election as massive protests continued. is that enough? jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: after days of protests, president hosni mubarak responded to his opponents. he intended to stay in office, but will not seek re-election in september. >> i did not intend to run for another term. >> reporter: after 30 years in power and support reportedly weakening from the u.s., mubarak made the announcement to his nation late tuesday night. >> i will work on the remaining months in my term so they will take them, major steps to guarantee the peaceful transition for power. >> reporter: as sympathetic americans held their own protests outside the egyptian embassy in washington, a u.s. senator delivered a powerful voters in egypt. >> if you do have free and fair elections in september, i hope you will be brave and wise enough to say no. >> reporter: further complicating communication, a last of egypt's internet providers has gone dark. over 1600 americans have been evacuated from egypt
to the military as crowds in cairo erupted in ufour ya, president obama praised the start of transition and promised support for the egyptian people. >> this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead, and many questions remain unanswered. but i am confident that the people of egypt can find the answers. >> reporter: those answers could have wide-ranging impact. >> there's no doubt that the united states is going to be as keenly interested as the people of egypt as to who their next prime minister and who their next president is going to be. >> reporter: pentagon officials have been in close contact with their counterparts in the egyptian military and vice president biden hinted at what some say could be ripple effects through the arab world. >> i say to your iranian friends, let your people march and speak. >> reporter: the entire region now under a watchful eye as egypt moves from a country in celebration to a nation in the midst of monumental change. kristen dalgren, nbc news, washington. >> and up happening right now, here's a
discovered today stating that jerry brown and president obama must die. similar messages were reported less than a mile away on january 20th. because the messages ininvolved the president, obviously, the secret service is going to be involved now. >>> the president is also taking criticism today for taking the side of unions in wisconsin. the governor there wants to strip unions of nearly all their collective bargaining power to help balance the budget. kris sanchez is in the news room with what workers are saying about the fight here in the bay area. >> it is about 2,000 miles away, yet a flier is being distributed inviting folks to stand at a rally tomorrow. 2,000 miles away, we are here in silicon valley and folks are feeling the pinch of the union assault. while jennifer thomas' students are on a school break, the teacher is grading papers from home. as she does rs this is on her mind. tens of thousands of people rising up against their governors plan. >> look at all these people. there's 60,000 people there. thank god somebody's saying something. it's really hard to be a teacher right
-in, electric and alternative fuel cars. the obama administration wants to make that tax credit available as soon as the car is bought as part of his goal to put a million electric cars on the road by 2015. >>> right now we'll check out the weather around here. rob, what a beautiful day. when i drove to work, it looked like i was in tahoe, only it was sunny and i wasn't in tahoe. it was beautiful. >> you weren't stuck in long lines. gorgeous pictures today. right now you see clouds across east bill hilltops, 51 degrees in oakland and same story in san francisco right now. kind of a mixed bag of clouds. into san jose, actually seeing more clouds across the south bay hills and some showers. right now 52 degrees. as we show you the radar here, we have unstable air with that cool air aloft and some heating of the day. you saw clouds bubble up through the atmosphere. we had showers earlier along 152, morgan hill to gilroy. seeing a few widely scattered showers starting to shut down. offshore we have more clouds lurking and the forecast into monday is a challenging one as we see this cut off lo
these actions and move towards a unity transitional democratic government. >> president obama says discussions have begun in egypt to create a temporary government to replace mubarak. >>> in keeping with her goal to take city hall on the road, oakland mayor jean quan held a meeting today at west middle school. residents were encouraged to speak to the issues that affect their community. she said these meetings are important to gauge how best city hall can help their community. >> we're hoping to get from them things that we can do together, and their priorities. and i'm going to use these town hall meetings to set priorities for staffing, and for the budget. >> kwan is hoping to hold at least five town hall meetings in her first 100 days in office. and at least one in all seven council districts a year. >>> neighbors in oakland came together today to discuss ways to put an end to the surge of violence in their communities. members of the community voiced their concerns directly to members of the city council and to the oakland police department. issues included everything from police officer c
over the bottom line. president obama plans to send his new budget to congress tomorrow. it contains more than a trillion dollars in budget cuts over the next decade. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while statement investing in our future. >> the president wants to talk about winning the future. this isn't winning the future. it's spending the future. >> the president is calling for cuts in programs ranging from the forestry service to low income heating assistance to positions held by community organizers, but the trillions of dollars is far short of 4 trillion his own bipar part zan deficit commission suggested. republicans are also fighting within their own party. gop leaders wanted to cut this year's budget by $30 billion, but tea party members pushed them to double that number to $60 billion. now they have to figure out just how to do it. >>> in the meantime bay area school districts have a major budget battle on their hands as well. they're working furiously to craft different versions of budgets ranging from worst case to best case. he's year districts
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